Battery Go!

Battery Go! was an iPhone app that I designed for CollegeKidApp, a company I founded with my two friends Cameron Banga and Michael Phelps.

Here are a few stats about the history of Battery Go!

  • Battery Go! was originally released on July 5th, 2009.
  • Used by people in 181 countries worldwide.
  • At it’s peak, Battery Go! climbed to the #72 paid app spot in the US. For a nearly a week, it was the #1 paid application overall in the Netherlands. 
  • Our first day of work as app developers was May 13th, 2009. Battery Go! was first submitted to Apple on June 13th, exactly one month after we started. 
  • Here’s the first review (that we’re aware of) for Battery Go! by PC Magazine. Since then, the app has been featured in Macworld, the New York Times, TUAW, App Advice, The Chicago Sun-Times, and many other publications.

Designing the app's icon and artwork was a great learning experience.

Posted on: July 5, 2009